We are passionate about science and specialized in the research and manufacturing of materials for extreme environments. We dedicate ourselves to creating what many would consider impossible and work closely with the scientific sector to advance knowledge. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing ultra-stable structures with zero thermal expansion and minimal weight has allowed us to contribute to Big Science projects, such as the fabrication of large telescopes and structures for large-scale scientific instruments. Our commitment is to provide quality solutions for the advancement of science, offering highly specialized materials and components.

Featured Science Projects:

  • Carbon fiber AFM temperature controller- CiC Nannogune

  • Development of heat-sealed joints for balloons with multilayer films - Google Loo

Furthermore, we have 10 years of experience in the development of space projects in collaboration with the most prominent companies in the sector. We have worked on the design and manufacturing of deployable antennas, morphing aerodynamic profiles, and carbon fiber structures for aerospace applications. Our extensive track record and collaboration with industry leaders have allowed us to be at the forefront of innovation in this field. We are committed to continuing to develop advanced and high-quality solutions to drive progress in space exploration.

Featured space projects:

  • Development and manufacture of deployable carbon fiber antennas (CFRP)

  • Structures with flexible epoxy

  • CFRP Booms

  • Morphing aerofoils with flexible CFRP structures and additive manufacturing elements


In our company, we have taken all the knowledge acquired in the most technological sectors to the highest level of competition in the automotive field. We are passionate about technology and have applied additive manufacturing and CNC machining of technical materials to develop innovative solutions. Our focus has been on ensuring lightweight and highly resistant structures capable of withstanding the demands of endurance racing. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance performance and safety in motorsport competition.

Featured projects:

  • Manufacture of naca profiles in different materials in carbon fiber (CFRP)

  • Laminate optimization 

  • Titanium-CFRP hybrid structures for struts

  • Optimization of sandwich panels




We understand that in many industries, machinery incorporates dynamic parts where stiffness and inertia are crucial for the overall performance of the machine. Our expertise in lightweight and high-stiffness subcomponents for industrial applications allows us to offer comprehensive solutions for the design and manufacturing of new components using CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced polymer), whether through the optimization of existing metallic designs or from scratch.

The specific properties of composite materials make them ideal candidates for improving the performance of dynamic elements in machinery, such as rotating parts or robotic arm ends. We take pride in applying our knowledge and experience in developing innovative solutions that drive efficiency and performance in the industrial field.

Featured projects:

  • CFRP High Modulus High Speed Shafts for Torque Transmission

  • Large structures in rotation

  • Robotic arms in carbon fiber

  • Struts / Tubes in CFRP

  • Calculation of PIPES and covers