At RYD Engineering, we begin by thoroughly understanding the needs and objectives of our clients. We then employ our expertise and skills in 3D design, finite element analysis in composite materials, and topological optimization to find the best way to turn those ideas into tangible solutions.

Redesign is also a key aspect of our development process. Thanks to our extensive experience and the use of advanced tools, we learn from previous experiences and take designs to the next level, thus ensuring superior results and innovative solutions.


At RYD Engineering, we have full confidence in the power of prototypes to drive innovation and achieve design excellence. Our approach is to create and refine ideas iteratively, allowing us to overcome obstacles, explore different approaches, and discover surprising solutions.

We specialize in creating functional prototypes of composite materials, thermoplastics, thermosets, and metals that meet the specific requirements of each project, enabling us to conduct thorough testing and validate designs. Using 3D design tools and mold manufacturing techniques, we transform ideas into tangible reality, allowing for precise validation of designs before large-scale production.


We offer customized homologation services to ensure the safety and reliability of the final products. We understand the importance of homologation in specific sectors as it ensures compliance with standards and regulations to protect users and guarantee product quality. We work closely with recognized homologation laboratories, collaborating closely to ensure that each homologated component and assembly is perfectly compatible with its application and meets the specific requirements of the project.

Our highly skilled technical team with expertise in composite materials enables us to provide reliable and efficient solutions in the homologation process. We ensure that the final products meet relevant standards and regulations, providing peace of mind to our clients and supporting their reputation in the market. At RYD Engineering, we are committed to delivering excellence and confidence in every homologation project, providing personalized services and expert guidance to ensure the success and quality of the homologated products.


We understand the importance of comprehending the properties and behaviors of materials in the development and manufacturing of models to ensure their safety, durability, and performance. We offer services for manufacturing specimens and material characterization according to ASTM, ISO standards, and specific specifications. This provides us with crucial data for design and continuous improvement, allowing us to closely monitor the mechanical properties of the materials.

Furthermore, we specialize in adhesive bonding and conduct tensile, compression, and bending tests on both composite and isotropic materials. This approach ensures that the initial models meet the most demanding quality standards and are tailored to the needs of each project through iterations and continuous improvements in material properties. Our goal is to provide reliable and high-performance solutions that meet our clients' demands in terms of quality and performance.

Prototyping is a fundamental part of the industry, this is why we accompany designers and manufacturers in their processes to test and optimize their designs before getting to the final product or even as a functional piece.